Monday, July 20, 2009

What Do Red Or Green Bracelets Mean


Poor blog, I just started already abandoned due to various commitments, now take it back I hope to update with more freuqenza.
However, in this interlude, I left for a short holiday to the torrid lands of Ragusa, where Iblea to the ancient Greeks already were enjoying the warm weather and made merry among the founding of a new colony to another.

Party in a hot Friday morning arrival at the center of Ibla, after several false indications of the navigator (the satellite) which I do not know very well the history and culture greek roman. However
arrived in the heart of Ibla we begin looking for a place to rest your weary limbs, you see for a B & B. It is not that they lack, however, after a few phone calls and a couple of visits comes out of a distressing situation in the sense that prices are expensive and poor services remains questionable, in spite of the crisis, the crisis is more piùi you think prices will drop. But no loss of earnings against time fat is plucked those few accidental tourists who still have a few Euros to spend, and then will increase prices and buononotte. So what do you
folds on the international hotel chain, medium duty decent hotel prices.
Start your holiday early afternoon the sea, Marina di Ragusa, Sicily channel on the wonderful sea right in the hot dry Mediterranean sea is calm, people are a little shallow beaches good facilities.
There is a few hours then you go for a ride for the four four hotels on the beach to see the same services and prices skyrocketing prices head fucking services falling short.
You want to stay a few days on the beach and then you choose what services and prices among the cheapest.
Day visit to Old Ibla walk downhill ski bus. According to the common saying Ibla is a protected Unesco World Heritage, in fact, only 10 churches, most churches, palaces and ten ten say they have the brand Unesco.
The town in my opinion is not much, in my opinion, dirty, badly kept without signs, there are also billboards with the slogan "a new large-Ragusa Ibla, which should see the revival of the tourist center after a series of restorations , for now, and BHO will be seen.
Third day you go to Modica another jewel of the Baroque of Val di Noto, I once again has nothing to say a few tourists, the only thing of note pure chocolate or spice of the oldest manufacturers sicilian chocolate.
Only sugar and cocoa spice aromas indeed, nothing else. It
little taste, since the scheme dietàin where I am. Other
afternoon and evening walking the beach where Ibla as they say there's a little rub (read walking) after long meditation upon market research you decide where to eat, dinner of fish, (after diugiunato or almost at noon)
On Sunday we leave for Dubrovnik hotell **** *** in a move to Marina di Ragusa, as the room will be ready to go to the 13 Ispica, makes a hot Executioner, we climb towards the Church of St. Matthew Temple, according to most of the year one thousand Norman, second other oldest third century AD. however, both located at the top, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the country, located downstream, the church is in a state of disrepair.
I went visiting the country, some baroque monument, but I study the Baroque is on the quarter, however, on the whole ok, I got in a bar to have two bottles of water and the kid that is the case cysts that are stranger that tourists from € plucking asked me two, I sign of disagreement but I offer to pay 10 € but since the rest did not ask me what I have to accept a small change and € 70, great horned him and all those like him who are fleecing tourists those passing through.
you get here with the claim of a ******* *** higher there at the request of my sister sranza a sea side sea view are asking for an additional charge, if not cameracon a side view, the one that comes to mind in mind the good Grisù the dragon who had the ambition to be a fireman .
From here renamed the tree-ghetto "the complex of firedamp" - because it has two bodies, a pool with an adjoining convention center complex is a "fact of firedamp.
After afternoon at the beach you go to get ice cream even the ice cream here since we are tourists are rude and surly shows, our custom brioche with ice cream, to save on the product does not use the classic palaetta but the spoon is not well adapted to the balls of ice cream classic cones, so he saves on the amount of ice cream, or 2.5 ueuri saw the price, just tell him and tell him stingy.
In the face of kindness and courtesy.
the fourth day, you go first to ispica where there is virtually nothing to see except the quarries ispica, and then a quick detour to Modica, here in the square of remembrance is the bar where they make a good granita emperos at affordable prices that can be enjoyed with a good jumbo croissants. You return to nelcomplesso
firedamp for another afternoon at sea.
The follow later.


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