Thursday, July 9, 2009

Second Herpes Outbreak 2 Months After First


was a long time I wanted to create a space where to express my views and my say on this control.
descivere Start with the orientation meeting at work, that there is, seeing as I'm in the middle of Sicily.
After a year of that contract as a teacher in Chianciano Terme, Siena, in order to receive the unemployment benefit for the summer months in which a teacher does not work and then not get paid, July 1, I go to the centroper the use of my country (Cammarata), which for technical reasons it located in the neighboring host of San Giovanni Gemini, to report that my willingness to register again with the lists of agencies, which in these parts does not place no one, however, performed this necessary formalities thought I had finished, I hand the clerk on duty issue a paper with an invitation to go the next day Thursday at the County Labour Board which incidentally is Casteltermini, little town of vain hopes that still thinks he has some size, where would I be interviewed diorientamento to work, always work that students here do not exist, run by an outside company paid the money that is the region with our own, do not go the next day, we are going today July 9, 2009, arrival 9 o'clock in the morning and I hear from a smiling lady sitting in a chair that engaged in the interview have not yet arrived and that usually arrive at 9.30 am and that they leave at 12.30 to 9:45 still to come, at which insist on asking what time I usually get is told by another employee there I suppose this, arriving at 9.30, are already seeing the 9:50 answer, "the 9.3 or those of today because yesterday has passed already, it now awaiting the arrival I do a fast lap of the maharajah of the room where Opita offices, you immediately notice a multitude of PC also places two at a table are related to any plug without any connection to the mother of all networks (read internet) and for the duller, more and more people with the classic paper in his hand around in mock-around busy.
finally come to the talks involved the two ladies in their fifties and thicken the tail of those students we need to do an interview.
acknowledge many people mostly teachers and teachers like me who have to apply for unemployment benefits. Gradually enter the first people arrived for my turn, I sat the ladies, two of the sheets manually fill I do a series of questions to fill in later is not known when a database, as they say, comes to mind because it does fill it online what is the point then fill out a paper form to fill an electronic. Boh? Mysteries of faith.
curiosity among the dozens of public and private employees working at the center to look for other work that there is a special note should be made to the local dirt, entering two long lines of ants known one to the left and right entering the front door I see that the ants move with the shoe pile are one of two piles and see that this is a dead cockroach that ants were breaking down and recycled in a continuous cycle of horrors.
No comment.
Another characteristic feature, many of the people they had to do the interview as I said they were teachers, who mostly live for most of the time outside Sicily, living alone and working in cities and towns to thousands of km from the family, but to make the orientation meeting, we go strictly by the pope, if not accompanied by mom and dad together, and you see that right here in our part of the family supports you also in the time of the interview for the job not There is, for the remaining ten months we live and work alone where there is the the world.


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