Sunday, July 26, 2009

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Today I wrote to the Director of the republic not known about the distribution of the local newspaper with the attachment, edition of Palermo, in some provinces in Sicily: Catania, Siracusa, Ragusa, here is the text dell├ČEmail. "Dear Editor: Mauro, I read the Republic for over 25 years and I've always liked the battles and campaigns over the style and completeness of the information.
Since sicilianoe centroitalia working in the summer I go to my island to spend a few months relaxation, scorase week I took a tour of the Val di Noto,
and how every day I went to buy the newspaper on the newsstands, the first day I have not noticed but the second soo I realized that the newspaper was missing something and doing Local mind I noticed that was missing the insert of Palermo, the third day I asked if there was all'edicolante rotating the insert, and this has been dropped from the clouds, asked me what insert, I have insisted more and more because of the heat did not seem oppurtuno so that the poor newsagent knows what's coming, he sells what he has.
An old newsstand sorridentomi said, and these parts can not find it if he wants to buy another local newspaper, and shows me a newspaper published in Catania (Sicily) and then adds, but who wants to know the news is the same Sicily is small, I thanked him and I went, I had nothing else to do, but more than in Sicily seemed to be in Africa.
Then I remembered a service reports this winter and I put two and two.
Dear Editor: I do not understand and I do not understand why in some provinces of Sicily your newspaper is distributed with the attachment, if I remember correctly that was once printed in full with the national edition and now is in a booklet also if it is not itself an evil, while those in other East is only to understand the national edition?
course for a daily newspaper that wand malpractice in this country, I think a drop in the bottom of which I take compromessini local logic but do not agree with the substance and the setting, as well as a differentiation between north and south we have a division between east and west, the west is east no.
hereby take this opportunity to extend my best regards. Sincerely
Calogero Rizzuto


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