Friday, July 24, 2009

Lost A Bet And I Have To Choose The Punishment


Continuing with the tale of my brief visit in the Ragusa-holiday, Sunday to Thursday the day of departure is little or no success spent Sunday afternoon at sea, on Monday morning I visited on Tuesday the pozzallo Donnafugata Castle, a nineteenth century building constructed on the ruins of former buildings until a few years ago the castle was unknown to most people, has risen to public notoriety when he entered the film for the television series of the Inspector Montalbano (ready Montalbano) as the residence of Balduccio boss in May, the residence be visited upon ticket € 4, you can visit the interior rooms with no guidance, lack of supervision of supervisors, even if it is within the dozen, taken ill on the whole, to see the garden very fine but dirty dirt, due spoercizia all'incuria his rudeness of the people leaving left and right of the dirt and who should not wipe clean.
Seals badly until to ruin the constraints surrounding the castle, the hotel is strategically located on a hill overlooking the valley up to the sea below the high position and exposed to the sea helps the arrival of a fresh sea breeze that makes it enjoyable and Living-/diningroom visit.
On the way back I passed by the famous marinella dry point where there is the house ready for Montalbano, the house is actually a B & B from the fanciful name of the House of Montalbano.


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