Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dubai Top Companies To Work For


morning in the morning, I went to the post, in the sense that bipaesana in the same room that houses the offices of San Giovanni Gemini Cammarata and to make a recommendation, a simple fucking recommended. You will say things that a registered letter and anything and everything and 30 seconds and did not.
later at about 8 (morning) there is already a large crowd of people who should take the board, (but now there are 6 in the morning? "I just know it) and look at the latest within a quarter now because someone comes to the door, I approached the counter dedicated to postal services and not those of banking and ask me to do the recommended answer the door before you have to fix that, another good pass half an hour and still nothing happens in the meantime an old woman who has to remove the board says in a loud voice that I approached the counter bypassing the ranks of retirees do not have to tell him that it withdraw its pension and another still at the counter where I have to serve those who must send letters or other takes precedence over the payment of pensions as there is a one-stop dedicated, after some grumbling in the Sicilian Strait enters the side where the line goes out and is a piazza in front of me .
finally restored in the wrong, however, have already 9:15 over an hour from what I entered the door I do other things and still do other things of serving the public is not talked about, the face efficiency and courtesy to the public, I'm mentally sending them all to hell.
I go to an office where not everything will be fine because there is always some impigato which has a sheet that I have anything to do except serve the public.
the face of personal services. Other units that Italy are here in Africa where the fields of air.


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