Monday, August 24, 2009

Indians That Look Italian

incivility 'E VILLANERIA certain people

As always, the rules made there is always qualqui "spiartu" cunning that wish to escape, even the simplest.
This morning I went to my doctor, Dr.. Charity, who some years ago convinced all doctors in the country to introduce a queue management method, you take their patients by appointment for tours, limited to those without an appointment to a dozen people per day with reception after ten o'clock.
recatomi As I said to the doctor by appointment made a week ago to today at 8.30 am already at the door 5 / 6 people who were there for quite a while, there were those who should consider withdrawing the prescription for what you do not queue, who was cunning or sly arrives and begins to take the numbers of the tail, the other a more itelligente to solità spirtuna du pais eloquence
lively after taken if n1 and distributed to other stands in front of the door of the doctor's office, and as soon as they arrive is about to enter, knowing that the type, I vehemently that really for me because you are annoyed by appointment and not knowing what to say because he knows to be guilty, he replies: "VENI SICURU CA TO YOU," I reply yes and no later find myself in the doctor amused by this scene. However, I concluded the consultation, I come out, and I find myself behind the door again, saying that because I am a rude and raised his voice that I had not raised above her. I tell him to tone that most rude she is and she only resumed for what it actually is dvanti to all who were present in the waiting room, who know the language and purpose of the air to smash you cpitano itromettersi not dare.
Since personally I do not give any of its air to sergeant and his spirit of potatoes I reproached by his own vehemence.
The unfortunate thing is that this was definitely going to be someone else who had appuntaento but had not the courage to say: <<>> Startled by So much CHARACTER.
character, but for heaven's sake some people before you open your mouth and demand respect, he must respect others just so you can not expect respect if the lady was in a hurry, simply had the courtesy to ask to saaltare the queue who had to legttamente avavnti you, but please do not "pi superchiaria.
Another note I do to those who made the rules and enforces them, if they set the rules necessary to enforce them.


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