Monday, August 3, 2009

Hello Kitty Mini Perfume


What is Sicilian? The Sicilian Sicilian is what every good feeling to be the pride of belonging to a rich and generous, where the climate is mild, where the landscape is poignant welcoming people, the emerald blue sea and sky reflected in it is no less, where everything grows lush.
Being Sicilian, for a good Sicilian worthy of respect, is a flower to put the cap and show every moment of your life, in every corner of the globe, is the reminder of the membership of a superior civilization, more strong four thousand years of history, nothing but Celts and the Po Valley. Our history is lost in the mists of time has its roots in myth and legend, Sicily has always attracted conquerors from everywhere, from the Phoenicians to the Greeks by the Carthaginians to the Romans, through the whole history of the past two millennia until today.
Sicily land rich history, culture has always been a crossroads of cultures and civilizations, its being the center of the Mediterranean outpost makes a natural leaning towards the Near and Middle East and the African continent, and stretches west toward the Strait of Gibraltar and the West represented by the United States, the new world, while it is a natural bridge between the spontaneous south and north of the Mediterranean.
This place is inhabited by the Sicilian people, as I said proud of their roots and traditions of their culture and relished relished the story as well as their own language, the Sicilian language and not just a dialect.
Sicily also boasts the oldest and established democratic traditions such as the Sicilian Regional Assembly, heir to the oldest parliament in the world just one Sicilian.
Yet this land from the outside might envy the viewer from a distance is not generous with their children as well as would have us believe, not so much by nature as to when and governed.
The Sicilian is a guy arrogant average presuntuso ignorantello most of the time, but with a huge ego. Each
Sicilian, with this term refers to both men and women of Sicily, as I said any self-respecting Sicilian believed to be a superior being who lives in a land blessed by the gods first and then the one God and that is why he is indeed a superior being.
The Sicilian people has never been a free people, has always been subjected to external invasions that led governments at times of high ideals and generous as in the time of the Greeks sometimes governments pure predation as at the time of the Spaniards, and is not that things go better with the unity of Italy, indeed, from 1860 onwards, things went from bad to worst and all governments that have come and gone, especially after World War II onwards (1945) have raced on Vega Sicily in particular, and southern Italy in general, as a reservoir of votes, what else was right here acqusiito became a favor bestowed by the lord in turn, counts and barons once mayors aldermen and councilmen for quite some time now.
Until some time ago for a simple certificate of any kind, I know that birth citizenship marriage, etc., the Sicilian ignorant but arrogant, that was not from the employee of the Registry or marital status and off she asked, no going by my shift and when the friend had not the right place, he asked the favor of his friend, so that what was on duty from the employee performed the act of bureaucratic certificate request and took him to crevice that had requested it, that just cracked, went home and exhibited a piece of paper and elsewhere you'd have in a short time as the comquista the moon, the lord of the moment made him believe who knows what, the fool thought he had a powerful friend and remain liable for all eternity what the gentleman promptly accused the accused and when appropriate, asking that the vote which called for the vote, and demanded, in return for the favor bestowed at the time.
So for decades the Sicilian ignorant and arrogant has "dropped the horns" that is, lowered his head towards the fool to turn that takes the piss.
But the Sicilian spiartu has always believed, that one who knows one more than the other, more clever, more intelligent, wiser, until due to lack of work and bread to feed their children and himself has had to leave his beloved Sicily and go elsewhere to seek his fortune.
Elsewhere, North Italy, North and South America, northern Europe, the Sicilian-free obligations of allegiance to anyone in the civilized world has found that many things are at hand.
He discovered that his rights as he was accustomed to suffer and suffer and work hard to lower the horns, put to good use their talents, and as the world's civilian pianeggainte it seemed, succeeded in their own land in what is not was never able to do.
Exactly the Sicilian in a foreign land does and does well and can do everything very well, so as to attract the admiration and respect for others, because what he does he does so with commitment and self-denial and does it well. The Sicilian
remained in their own land, especially the Sicilian honest worker is to advance the position of his family has sacrificed and did their children study, only that at some point, even with these fateful piece of paper in his hand allows choosing had, in fact we have allows choosing, or I drop the horns "and nesciri arrinesciri" as our grandparents before us, even now you must go directly to graduate out of Sicily and goodnight to the musicians, the Sicily you come back only for a few day off to spend with family.
In Sicily remain the ignorant more ignorant and arrogant that they are more arrogant they are, and more are more arrogant claim to be treated as demigods, so take all the seats that count, not so much for the capabilities that have not, but because they are always friends of someone who knows someone else for this or that powerful friend of the first round that makes you the CERTIFICATE and then asks you to vote.
And while the world flies in Sicily still limps, hobbles between chatter made tons on the future of tourism unique wealth of Sicily, which could provide jobs and wealth to many, it could just because it is spoken here as elsewhere ago.
You build roads without potholes, airports and ports that work, the railways are punctual and professional services where operators are and courteous and at prices not so greedy.
Because the speech and still the same, here we are ignorant and arrogant, convinced that we are the best at everything, so we offer services to poor sky-high prices.
And then we complain about all the work that is not there, the friend of a friend and neighbor who makes his way even if it is unable to do anything, the government thieves because it rains and flooding roads, because the government diverts money thief elsewhere, especially in the north lasecessione crying, and we complain fitusi of those who built the hospital (Agrigento) with and without cement and sand that the Guardia di Finanza, his goodness and evacuate four quattrotto, to avoid an even greater tragedy, provincial capital without leaving a hospital, we complain and they are voting.
But because someone always manages to do what he can do without any impediment or condition, must go away from Sicily, has to go to Italy, Sicily is not Italy because something is suspended between Italy and Africa, without anything away from the Africans.
We are suspended between the first and four world.
But we are arrogant and ignorant, always ready to speak ill of others, without looking at the speck in the eyes of others dimendicanto the beam that is in our Triva. Amen


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