Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ban Wireless Internet


The economy limps, money does not even have any to do the shopping, they all complain but all enjoy. This year the ramshackle
incloncludente summer program and the town of San Giovanni Gemini foresaw the inevitable "white night", that fantasy guys, now the white nights are organized by all even in condominiums.
The administration has all lined up in full force to participate in alcohol-based initiative, rivers rocking meaningless nonsense and varied.
Other than the white nights in Rome, right here are the white nights of anything alcohol based.
Throughout the Dionysus Alessi Narareno Largo going down and down along the course F. Crispi, passing through the square and a whole Purrello sussegursi of boxes mounted to what expenditures with public money, in front of each beveratoio alcohol or distributor of alcohol at a high price where young local bands and have played until five o'clock this morning and go in without without deafening music.
People also come in abundance from neighboring municipalities have you eaten walked drunk and made their cocks, but also left UNOS Chifa without limits, which many take to the streets this morning who was walking on a carpet of LURD filthy, stinking of munnizza.
And the town that does nothing, not only do not seek the ATOs assigned to clean up the country for this crap does not own anything, and that the village of San Giovanni Gemini and dedicated to tourism. It munnizza of tourism.
Only about ten o'clock on the stress of a hard-working city manager that has nothing to do with space, since it deals with numbers and accounts that some city employees and Auto GESA 2 were made by sweeping and ripilire Shifa country. But I wonder
assessorelli's deputy mayors and several administrators who last night from the first evening we wandered all taken from the preparations were not even small Bertolaso \u200b\u200bstruggling with the earthquake in Italy that have penseto all, there were no seats Busillis that was the day after the night and we had to Return used the country neat and clean as those that use it day and night and that the assessor to the branch that has spent body and soul so that this event in its second edition could for good, he praricamente scheduled for 12 months so that had more to do.
This is made of the white night of alcohol sex in neighboring lanes of wild highs and almost shit adjacent Almondo that there is only fun and entertainment, and then all go to bed at dawn without bothering to remove the debris munnizza and the next morning, but now Alderman & C. can think about the next edition, the third, so what the hell else have to do for the next 12 months?


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