Friday, May 23, 2008

Hyundai Centrino Laptop

Marketing Forum

The discontinuity is the main concept of the 2008 Marketing Forum taking place at Superstudio Piu in Milan, a symbol of space Milan in the forefront of fashion, art and design.
The location can be called a factory
image: its architectural profile is an explicit reference to the ability that Milan had to reinvent itself as a production center for communication, design and economy of the imagination. opening doors to the public Marketing forum at some events. Everyone will participate in the inaugural conference on May 27 and closing May 30, as is free access to other events and exhibitions on the subject.
The two middle days of the event, 28 and May 29, will retain the 'traditional
exclusivity, being dedicated to great marketing representatives in Italy, both for large advertising agencies, and large companies.


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