Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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Renegotiate mortgages unprofitable

renegotiate mortgages may not be so convenient. He says the Sole 24 Ore, the newspapers say, consumer ... a bit 'all in fact.

Besides just being two accounts. In fact there is no renegotiation in no advantage . The cost savings achieved by renegotiation of the loan is diluted by increasing the duration of the loan.

addition to all the capital is not returned on time by the loan before the renegotiation, will accrue interest, so going to lead to increased cost the same! Rather

suggests Il Sole 24 Ore , would agree to transfer their mortgage to another bank, taking advantage of the Bersani Decree on the portability of mortgages (subrogation), and negotiate more favorable terms.

Intesa Sanpaolo subrogation offers at no cost with flexibility options such as the suspension of payment of the installment and the change duration.

UniCredit Group, with its Mortgage Moving allows customers to other banks to transfer the loan to UniCredit. The group

Monte dei Paschi SostiMutuo that offers no cost of entry.

Ubi Bank launched the "destruction campaign" for the contract to other institutions.

Credem created the line "RiMutuo.

short, informed well before making a decision.


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