Thursday, May 29, 2008

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Losing weight is possible for all the great things

Losing weight is possible. Whatever we face must be done with conviction and spirit of success. And the results will come. For me solution is simple and once you explain it.

1) Sport. need to exercise more often as possible within the limits of our physical capabilities. Let us stop to think about weight loss diet as a moment of surrender, and we think the opportunities that we can give. And one of these is the possibility of undertaking a sport. Running, swimming, cycling, gym, walking, hiking ... Every moment is good.

2) Healthy Eating. No to sacrifice, so to eat properly. In the morning we do a big breakfast but with healthy things. No industrial products, yes to the homemade cookies, donuts, pastarelle ... although with due moderation. For lunch a bowl of pasta with vegetables and white or in the evening proteins and vegetables, without carbohydrates. Indeed you should never combine protein and carbohydrates together, and never eat carbohydrates in the evening. To pursue this issue click here. We associate a fair amount of fiber and drink a lot. The equation is complete.

3) New lifestyle. The weight loss diet should not be done only when we feel fat. It 'a new way of life that permeates every moment and situation, but above all never abandons us. Parked as far as possible, it will be an excellent opportunity to walk a bit '. At the restaurant's just a plate only (it will be only the portfolio to feel bloated!). We choose the stairs instead of the elevator. We go out to make a long walk with friends or partner instead of watching tv (although ugly in recent times). Take the ice cream (why give it up?) Lemon and strawberry, instead of cream and chocolate. Let's subscribe to the gym with a friend (to maintain the commitment). We have comfortable shoes (especially women) so as not to inhibit a possible walk. This means by "new way of life."

We sacrifice the pleasure of short-term (gluttony and greed) for long-term happiness (seeing beautiful, thin and shining the mirror with that old jeans two sizes smaller).

E always open goal, imagine how you want to be beautiful and thin and have conviction and faith. The results will come.


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