Sunday, September 21, 2008

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Milan Fashion: Buying a house without Leitmotiv

It takes place in these days Milan Fashion Week. Open 6 shows the upcoming designers, new designers emerging opportunity for new talent in the fashion world to present their collections along with the big names in the fashion industry through the project "Fashion Incubator."

Leitmotiv , aka Fabio and Juan, began their collaboration five years ago, while Juan completed his course of study to ' Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in painting with a depth of theses on the artists work in pairs.

Fabio preparing the thesis, which analyzed the marriage between art and fashion (apparel identities between psychology and art ). Juan

After graduating, he specialized in the field of visual arts, in particular in contemporary art. Fabio, however, has expanded its training extensively studied sartorial habits and customs of past ages.

is the leitmotif collection for Milan Fashion Week 08:


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