Friday, September 19, 2008

How To Tie An Elastic Bracelet


Buying a house without a dream agency is now feasible. Already, a dream, why spend means the agency most often lose big money, up to 3% of property value (for both sellers and for buyers!).

Thanks to the internet to find free ads to buy a house has become extremely simple. There are dozens sites that offer thousands of listings. But beware! Not all the ads that are on the internet are no agency costs. Often the ads are hidden many real estate ads by agents.

why should rely on the people who make "no agency costs" their battle cry.

For this site I wanted to report a newborn, but that will come a long way, collecting only listings from private and great news, ads directly to construction companies. All without paying a cent to the agencies. It's called

casa2home and is a new service that promises to put an end to the era of the agencies, thanks to a series of signaling of experts and professionals who can help in the complicated procedures of real estate transactions between private parties.


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