Friday, August 27, 2010

Emily 18 Date Of Birth

"FridaWer, the appeal of precious stones" THANK YOU! Chiara by Ben

"Valentina Fiscarelli, aka Fridawer .

always been passionate about jewelry and fascinated by the" enchanted world "of gems and precious stones , for now this activity grows as a hobby in hopes of creating its own brand ... made in Italy and made in Puglia told me!

There are two lines that characterize it, and Eccentric Deco Cocktail Ring .

The materials used are silver and precious stones but its new frontier is Gold Filled, "a material very attractive "- Valerie told me!

not only deals with precious objects in gold or silver, but also realizes jewelry with precious stones and silver wire, copper, brass, steel, plastic and feathers! For example

this series steel hypoallergenic silver plated wire adorned with semi-precious stones such as garnets, sun stone, semiprecious stones, tiger eye, rose quartz, c Orallo, coral, glass tubes.


in argento925 comb with freshwater pearls, oro14kt filled, oval cut amethysts, chandelier and onion briolettes and peacock feather. "

From GirPowerBlog
written by Clare by Ben Young on Designer


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