Friday, January 8, 2010

Red Dots On Inner Arm

I will win. MAYBE!

Azz how long since I wrote, from 25 August eve of his departure for Chianciano Terme, and now that I'm back in the rebound phase after the long Christmas break, back to rewrite it again. We
in 2010 and already looks like another world. So much has happened in the whole world in recent months.
by the political crisis, ever open in the Italian government, the approval of the Treaty of Lisbon that has transformed the face of the European Union that increasingly affect the lives of EU citizens and that almost no one seems to know.
The world is still in fibrillation, the U.S. is again under pressure from the terrorist network of Al Qaida, and though the President Obama has received the Nobel Prize for Peace was forced to open new fronts of war. Countries such as Iran and China are increasingly upset by internal revolts by their citizens and this is a prelude to future sconquassi the international scene, a change of regime in these countries is not the end so weird and impossible as it might seem and if Iran and easier than in China because of the varying complexity and size of the two countries at the end, it is my personal opinion, that soon we will see major political earthquakes.
In our country, the attack on the Prime Minister is synonymous with high social tension is created by the economic crisis that the language and behavior by many political figures of the center to which people are the antithesis of the center. In this game to those who seem to escape out bigger fires only casino, banquet to be able to return to the liturgical rites of the first republic, but he did not understand that those times are good and gone and that his is only an illusion.
What is most disturbing, however, was the global financial crisis that has revolutionized the world economic balances and priorities, Gone are the days of fat cows facing hours of rich lean years, or at least a slower pace in the economy and if anyone believes be able to return to the glories of a few years ago, has hurt the accounts as Casini.
But while the rest of the world responds to the crisis by investing more on innovation research and education, to better train the new generations, our country quell'incompetente hands of the minister of education, as directed by the Minister of Treasury, cut thousands of teachers and school staff in the name of a phantom that will reverse decades of reform the Italian school, which is useless to hide it does not even have the money to buy toilet paper let alone pay for substitute teachers.
And then the dawn of the second decade of the twenty-first century we face a world that will always change at a rate higher with fewer people able to respond to new challenges with the speed and the necessary lucidity to the new times, with a political class, of any, color incapable of governing the needs of the new company as committed to resolving the personal problems "of the Prime Minister, who has no hesitation in bringing crest on the chest of the glorious Russian Navy, as if to bring the Italian Navy was an inglorious tinsel. But how do you think Putin would never ultranationalist on display a warm jacket with the emblem of the Italian Navy, or can you imagine President Obama without the stars and stripes on the collar of his jacket. Well that fall down.
And in this hubbub of confusion of ideas and people, at the height of times a warm greeting and a good year after epiphany.


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