Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tell If Scorpio Likes You

Bidster vs data. Bidplaza what happened? Help recycle properly aimed

Bidplaza the site is successful something unclear. Yesterday the users of this auction site downward received an email from a certain "Bidster UK Ltd" which read: Dear NAME

companies Bidplaza Bidster and, among the largest and most convenient operators offers auctions, decided to terminate their collaboration. Consequently, the Web site Bidplaza, details of customer accounts (name and secret code), lists of offerings made in the past, and account balances have been transferred to the site (in the form of bonuses). The new site and 'exactly like the previous one, but there are better deals, cheaper prices, and better products. In addition, the customer service has been improved. hope to continue the successful relationship with you in the future. To do this, and in recognition for his patience during this transition, filed € 10 to your account for future deals, with our best wishes for a fabulous prize as a trip to Monte Carlo (bids close Sunday), or a beautiful new Porsche.

Sincerely, Felix Liebermann

CEO, Bidster UK Ltd

A Shortly afterwards came another email from which read:

Dear NAME,

Very soon we will introduce you to our fantastic new platform full of surprises and news'.

We regret to inform that on 11.06.2008 Bidplaza and 'a victim of serious violations of the law, including in the field of trademark protection and unfair competition, by the companies' Bidster UK Ltd.

Bidster UK, seizing' opportunity 'of our transition to a new platform, illegally misuse of our data is' trying to falsely impersonate our brand and our company'.

Please make sure that the address bar of your browser there is written our domain

Bidplaza reserves, therefore, to undertake all appropriate action to protect their interests and rights.

It should be noted, finally, that Bidplaza and 'foreign to any activity', including commercial, put in place by that Bidster UK Limited. and invites you to be wary of this company.

Customer Service

What really happened? Who is right? On the Web can not find a clear answer, and while the expense to the users and their personal data!

We see the developments. One thing is certain: this should intervene to check the Privacy violations perpetuated and responsibilities of the two actors in this story.


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