Thursday, April 17, 2008

What To Write On A 21st Card Daughters

assembled low cost

thought that only the computer could be assembled, which is composed of components up to you one by one? From the U.S. comes an innovative reality: this is the first handset in the world put together. The idea is based on direct online sales, customization and advanced customization with low prices, made even cheaper by the dollar-euro.

So You choose whether to mount one or two cameras, the keypad on the phone or a traditional full QWERTY keyboard, rather than the second slot for the memory card! It's called and you can already order it. The production and shipping take place in China (for a change) and the arrival at the destination is guaranteed: Il Sole 24 Ore has done this test for you, and it worked!
Zzzphone, the mysterious low cost mobile phone that is sold only online


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